Newton Advisory FZ-LLC is a RAKEZ UAE licensed project and business development advisory company.

We have been providing advisory services since 2005 when we were originally operating in England. Initially we were focused on the oil & gas sector but have since diversified to various sectors such as healthcare / pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, energy power / renewable energy, automation, hospitality / tourism, information and communications technology, waste management, water treatment, agriculture and logistics.

Newton Advisory aims to fill the gap between perceived fear and the actual real risk by guiding our clients into understanding the reality of doing business in Nigeria. With over fifteen years experience of doing business in Africa we decided to establish our headquarters in the UAE. Based on our knowledge, contacts and network in Nigeria we can provide a variety of services mainly related to facilitating entry.

We are passionate and dynamic about our work in Africa with a focus on using private sector expertise and private capital as a means to develop businesses and industries across various sectors in Nigeria.

In this regard we work closely with foreign Investors and companies, who may be multinationals, family offices, high or ultra-high net worth individuals, Investment funds and international organizations.

“As of January 2022, Nigeria had an internet penetration rate of 51.0% or 109 million internet users. WhatsApp is used by 92% of those mobile or internet users.”


Newton Advisory understands the challenges and opportunities with doing business in Nigeria. We understand the need to have long term orientation, patience, flexibility and adaptability when working in Nigeria.

We are looking to work with clients who share our passion and desire to use the private sector and capital as an engine for growth in select African countries. We are excited by the tremendous opportunities which exist in Nigeria and Africa but also recognize that solutions and technologies need to reflect the peculiarities of the environment in which they are to be deployed.

“Another point of difference for Africa is its youthful population. In 2020, the median age in Africa was 19.7 years. It is the youngest continent in the world with 41 percent of its population under 15.”

“Africa’s gas share in the global market will increase to over 11% of all gas supplies by 2050, according to a report by Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), from 6% in 2021.”

“The demand for natural gas in Africa will rise by 82% by 2050, and gas will account for 30% of Africa’s energy mix. With renewables, gas will be crucial in driving energy access across the continent.
With about 900 million people in need of clean cooking fuels and another 600 million in need of reliable electricity, natural gas will play a key function in alleviating energy poverty in Africa.”


There is a growing but cautious interest from global Investors in frontier market countries such as Nigeria. However in most instances this interest rarely goes past curiosity, based mainly to do with fear and perceptions held about Nigeria and the Africa region. There is a gap between what is perceived and the actual reality.

From our experience trust and credibility has been an issue that has held back many global Investors and business people from going into select African countries. The reality is that to do business in markets such as Nigeria the Investor needs someone to guide them through the process. Somebody who is trustworthy and has a long term orientation rather than short term opportunism.

We have developed a strong network of contacts for projects in Nigeria through our work over the years. What we can offer our global clients is comfort, because of our honesty and integrity they can rest assured that they have someone who they can trust will look after their interest.

We are based in Dubai UAE because increasingly Dubai is being used as a base for doing business in Sub-Saharan Africa, not just because of logistic travel ease but also because geographically speaking it is at the intersection of different regions of the world which makes it an ideal base for Africa focused business. In addition to this, African countries can learn much from countries such as UAE in terms of how UAE diversified their economy and reduced their reliance on mineral resources while creating a first class infrastructure and the attractive business environment that goes with it.

“For most Africans the mobile internet is the internet. Ecommerce marketplace Jumia, which has 7.3 million active customers across Africa, says 75 percent of its customers use smartphones to shop on its platform

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